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This page collects some infomation on the [http://hilfe.vodafone.de/system/selfservice.controller?CONFIGURATION=1003&PARTITION_ID=1&CMD=BROWSE_TOPIC&USERTYPE=1&LANGUAGE=de&COUNTRY=de&TOPIC_ID=323482&SUB_TOPIC_NAME=&DISPLAY=DEVICE&NAVIGATION_TOPIC_ID=0 Vodafone EasyBox 904 xDSL] VDSL/ADSL router.
This page collects some infomation on the [https://www.vodafone.de/hilfe/easybox/904-xdsl.html Vodafone EasyBox 904 xDSL] VDSL/ADSL router.
== Overview ==
== Overview ==
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'''Download (official Vodafone firmware update binary):'''
'''Download (official Vodafone firmware update binary):'''
* [https://www.vodafone.de/hilfe/easybox/904-xdsl.html Overview]
* [https://www.vodafone.de/business/hilfe-support/support-firmware-easybox-904-xdsl.html Firmware download page]
** [http://media.vodafone.de/www/assets/software/FW904_xdsl/fullimage_AT904X- fullimage_AT904X-] (MD5: f8eeb7476ee755210d0383528be9920d)
** [http://media.vodafone.de/www/assets/software/FW904_xdsl/fullimage_AT904X- fullimage_AT904X-] (MD5: f8eeb7476ee755210d0383528be9920d)
** [https://www.vodafone.de/downloadarea/fullimage_AT904X- fullimage_AT904X-] (MD5: 410289bf86d8941d3517eac1fce62b62)
== Vendor source code ==
== Vendor source code ==
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=== Vendor stuff ===
=== Vendor stuff ===
* [http://hilfe.vodafone.de/system/selfservice.controller?CONFIGURATION=1003&PARTITION_ID=1&CMD=BROWSE_TOPIC&USERTYPE=1&LANGUAGE=de&COUNTRY=de&TOPIC_ID=323482&SUB_TOPIC_NAME=&DISPLAY=DEVICE&NAVIGATION_TOPIC_ID=0 Vendor page]
* [https://www.vodafone.de/hilfe/easybox/904-xdsl.html Vendor page]
* [http://media.vodafone.de/www/assets/pdf/hilfe-und-support/devices/vodafone/904xdsl/Installationsanleitung_EasyBox_904_xDSL.pdf Installation manual] (German, PDF)
* [https://www.vodafone.de/media/downloads/hilfe-geraete/installationsanleitung-easybox-904-xdsl.pdf Installation manual] (German, PDF)
* [http://media.vodafone.de/www/assets/pdf/hilfe-und-support/devices/vodafone/904xdsl/904_xDSL_Interaktive_Betriebsanleitung_Vodafone_2._Auflage_Finalisierte_Version_Stand_18.10.2013.pdf User manual] (German, PDF)
* [https://www.vodafone.de/media/downloads/hilfe-geraete/anleitung-904-xdsl.pdf User manual] (German, PDF)
* [http://media.vodafone.de/www/assets/pdf/hilfe-und-support/devices/vodafone/904xdsl/Datenblatt_EasyBox_904_xDSL.pdf Datasheet] (German, PDF)
* [http://media.vodafone.de/www/assets/pdf/hilfe-und-support/devices/vodafone/904xdsl/Datenblatt_EasyBox_904_xDSL.pdf Datasheet] (German, PDF)
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=== Code examples ===
=== Code examples ===
* [[Vodafon_EasyBox_904_xDSL/Display|Accessing the display]]
* [[Vodafone_EasyBox_904_xDSL/Display|Accessing the display]]

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This page collects some infomation on the Vodafone EasyBox 904 xDSL VDSL/ADSL router.



System info

See Vodafon EasyBox 904 xDSL/Sysinfo for a lot of (software and hardware) details about the device, including /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/mtd, lsmod, uboot_env --list, and so on.

PCB photos

Getting access


There is a populated 4-pin header on the board, which allows easy access to the UART of the SoC. In order to do that, connect a 3.3V TTL USB-to-serial adapter/cable to the RX, TX, and GND pins. Do not connect anything to the VCC pin!

Pin Description
1 VCC (3.3V)
2 RX
3 TX




The telnetd binary is removed (Firmware 3.07 and newer)




NAND flash

In order to create a backup of the NAND flash contents you can use a simple script like this (using ssh):

$ cat easybox_904_xdsl_nand_backup
for i in `seq 0 14`; do
  ssh $S "dd if=/dev/mtd$i" | dd of=$P$i.dd
  ssh $S "/usr/sbin/nanddump -n -o /dev/mtd$i" | dd of="$P$i"_no.nanddump
  ssh $S "/usr/sbin/nanddump -n /dev/mtd$i" | dd of="$P$i"_n.nanddump

Vendor Firmware

  • U-Boot "for Infineon UEIP project" (modified)
  • Linux (modified)
  • OpenWRT Backfire 10.03_r26799_20110504 (modified)
    • Target System: Lantiq CPE
    • Subtarget: VR9 Family
    • Target Profile: 904dsl Profile

Download (official Vodafone firmware update binary):

Vendor source code


The device is sold to (or given for free to) Vodafone (e.g. VDSL or ADSL) customers.

It seems to be manufactured / maintained by Arcadyan or a related company named Astoria Networks, where tarball source code releases are available:

Firmware MD5 sum
AT904X-02.01_source_20140306.tar.gz c6c2b664907ee6d69019efb8575e23db
AT904X-02.02_source_20140306.tar.gz cf92038e6357b5c9962648a06cf15753
AT904X-02.03_source_20140306.tar.gz b318a8202f0b6f15211aff47fa08e570
AT904X-02.05_source_20140220.tar.gz b02ff118013ef2041b6c56c968c7660e
AT904X-02.06_source_20140306.tar.gz ee180bdda0bcc9e49e297784ab5fe255
AT904X-03.05_source_20140310.tar.gz 5205861f3cdbc3bd347f7f2156ae63c5
AT904X-03.07_source_20140310.tar.gz 8c034a7786cad18a79fc82604f73a880
AT904X-03.10_source_20140310.tar.gz e0c45c5ae97a8025c369edbaaa4eb9d6

Note: Not all possible firmware numbers are available, e.g. no "v02.04". It is unknown whether such versions have ever existed or have been shipped to customers.

I have put those tarball releases into git (extracted) for easier manageability and for comparison purposes:



Most of the files in the dl/ subdirectory are exact copies of the respective upstream tarballs (the MD5 sums match).

The following files are either modified and/or cannot be found elsewhere apparently:

File Comments
dl/compat-wireless-2011-04-19.tar.bz2 TODO, probably unmodified upstream.
dl/drv_dsl_cpe_api_vrx-4.11.11.tar.gz DSL CPE API driver. Lantiq/Infineon code, dual license (GPL / 2-clause BSD).
dl/drv_mei_cpe-1.2.1.tar.gz MEI CPE driver. Lantiq/Infineon code, dual license (GPL / 2-clause BSD).
dl/dsl_cpe_control_vrx-4.11.11.tar.gz DSL CPE control application. Lantiq/Infineon code, dual license (GPL / 2-clause BSD).
dl/dsl_vr9_firmware_xdsl- Contains only the binary file xcpe_551716_553312.bin.
dl/lib_dti-1.1.0.tar.gz Debug and Trace Interface. Lantiq/Infineon code, dual license (LGPL / 3-clause BSD).
dl/linux- Empty file (0 bytes in size), the modified Linux kernel code is in the linux/ directory, though.
dl/lq_coc_app_pm- Power Management Utility. Lantiq/Infineon code, dual license (GPL / 2-clause BSD).
dl/lq_coc_app_pmd- Power Management Daemon. Lantiq/Infineon code, dual license (GPL / 2-clause BSD).
dl/tapidemo- Apparently a newer file than what is available on downloads.openwrt.org/sources.
dl/yaffs2_android-2008-12-18.tar.bz2 TODO, probably unmodified upstream.

Random facts

  • Web frontend IP address: (see also)
  • The default username / password for the web frontend: root / 123456 (see also)
  • TFTP server IP address (for firmware upgrades):
  • Telnet default username / password: root / 123456
  • SSH: Disabled by default. Also, password logins are disabled by default (you need to give the dropbear server running on the box your public SSH key).
  • U-Boot SHA1 Key: 25b4e03c08bc9b4003316c7c47e9f3f88dd7f3d1


Vendor stuff


Code examples