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== Criteria that may need to be added ==
This page has moved to [http://multicopter.org/wiki/Talk:Multicopter_Table multicopter.org]! Please perform further edits there.
* Community Size (Lephisto) ([esden]well I think it is a good idea, we could get the data from the maps of qk users around the net. But we can only add the information to the projects having such maps. I am not sure if it is fair[/esden])
* Toolchain for compiling(lephisto)
* Groundstation tools available for WIN32/X11/OSX (lephisto
* extendable (Amir/Esden)
* multi-algorithm (Amir/Esden)
* <strike>x-mode (Amir/Esden)</strike>
* DSL Support (Amir/Esden)
* <strike>Is a Community Project (Amir)</strike>
== TODO ==
* Split the Table vertically in more parts. It is just getting to wide for most monitors. :/ (Esden)
* Split the Table horizontally in community projects and fully commercial ones? (Esden)
== Information sources that may be relevant ==
* http://www.fpv-community.de/comm/forum/showthread.php?tid=89
* http://forum.xufo.net/bb/viewtopic.php?t=2824
== Forum Threads considering the Table ==
* http://forum.xufo.net/bb/viewtopic.php?t=10748
* http://forum.mikrokopter.de/topic-8590.html
* http://armokopter.comdesign.at/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=270&start=0

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This page has moved to multicopter.org! Please perform further edits there.