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Optical mouse survey

This is a random list of optical mice we have examined in order to get a feeling for popular optical sensor + microcontroller choices in commercial mice.

Vendor Mouse Model number Part number Type Connector Optical sensor USB chip / MCU
Arowana Optical Mouse MSOP-01 MSO-01 wired USB Agilent HDNS-2000 ALH100JUP 2005
BenQ M108 99.Q6488.C1D wired USB Avago ADNS-1620 Holtek HT82M21A
Logitech Wheel Mouse M-BJ58 830925-0000 wired USB Avago ADNS-2051 Logitech CP5928AM
Logitech RX300 M-BU115 831488-0000 wired USB Avago ADNS-2610 Cypress CY7C63743C-PXC
Logitech RX250 M-BAD58B 810-000208 wired USB Avago ADNS-5020E Cypress CY7C63813 PXC
Logitech M-SBF69 851984-0000 wired PS/2 Avago ADNS-2610 Logitech 3613350000
Logitech M-UV55a 830695-0000 wired USB Agilent S2599 none? integrated?
Logitech M-BJ69 830667-0000 wired USB Avago ADNS-2051 Logitech CP5928AM
Logitech Premium Optical Wheel Mouse M-BT58 831116-0000 wired USB Avago ADNS-2610 Logitech CP6238AM
MS-Tech 3D Optical Mouse SM-50 wired PS/2 Avago S2091 EMC EM84510EP
Noname Optical Mouse wired USB OM02 MX84520A
Typhoon Optical Mouse 40156A wired USB Avago ADNS-2051 Holtek HT82M39A

Random mouse hacks

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