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* [[Samsung WB2200F]] (digital camera)
* [[Samsung WB2200F]] (digital camera)
* [[OpenVizsla]] (USB analyzer)
* [[OpenVizsla]] (USB analyzer)
* [[DATQ1THD6B0 touch screen module]]

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This is a collection of random open-source (hardware, software, or documentation) projects, mostly created and/or maintained by Uwe Hermann, as well as information about random gadgets I can get my hands on.

However, the wiki is open-for-all, so other people can also use the wiki for tech-related projects.

Projects by Uwe Hermann

Projects started from scratch:


HOWTOs, tips and tricks:

  • TODO.

Hardware related projects / hacks:

Hardware info / dissections / teardowns:

Projects by others

IMPORTANT: Please note that (unless explicitly specified otherwise) all contents in this wiki (including text and images) are released to the public domain. If you don't want that, please explicitly specify another free-ish license when adding pages or images to the wiki!